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New changes and improvements will be applied after december 18 maitenence. Other bugs is fixed and many more.

Estimated Up Time will be 14:00(2:00pm) (GMT+8)

1. Improvement of Trading House
Are you like me spamming left clicks whenever you try to buy an item from the trading house just to have someone beat you to it? Anyone changing mouse because of this reason?
I always thought it was needless to scroll through tons of bid pages just to find an item which i wanna buy instantly. My personal best is 80 pages for Horns, what about you? LOL! Anyway jokes aside, now we can categories how we want to see the items listed in the Trading House. Soon, you will be able to view them by either bid or buy now.

2. Enhanced Auto Party
Enhanced auto party system, now when you look for party at the Dragon Pillar the system will search do a search via the pillar and via the Party Window. The system will suggest you to enter Cross Server Party system if your party is incomplete after a long time.

3. Improved Weapon Feeding
There were people complaining that their gems were lost while evolving (gem slotted) weapons. Now, you will not be able to evolve or feed your weapon with a gem slotted weapon.
When feeding a weapon, players are usually blindly feeding it to reach Grade 10. Now an additional notification is added to your weapon to let you know the Grade 10 stats of the weapon. This allow players to make informed decision and decide for themselves whether the money and resources will be well spent.

4. Changes to Opening Treasure Chests
Ever wonder why you had 7 inventory slots but when you try to open a treasure chest the system forbids you? This problem has received tons of complains due to the fact that players need at least 8 empty slots to open a chest (regardless of the number of items the chest gives)
In the above picture, when a player tries to open a treasure chest, the player will receive 3 times with 1 item store in the 保管箱 Temporary Safe Deposit Box. Please take note that if the Temporary Safe Deposit Box is not emptied, the player will not be able to open new chests.
You can access the Temporary Safe Deposit Box from the footer menu below:

5. Adjustments to the World Chat windows
Remember the two irritating windows that take up extra space? Who cares about the World Shout anyway? I rather see the beautiful landscape of the environment. Well, now you can make the windows go invisible.

1st : Click on the chat gear here :

2nd : Drag the cursor to increase the transparency of the window. Just below there is an option 字体大小 to reduce the font size of the World Chat. Neat isn't it?

6. Strengthen the benefits of Member's Convenience Package
Now when you combine jewels, you can save 20% on the process costs.

7. Show off your achievements!
Now players are able to show off to other players their achievements by pressing Ctrl + Left Clicking on the Achievement Icon they unlocked.

8. Other in-game bugs resolved
- When players exit from party, QT chat suddenly gets muted.
- When doing cross server party, during instance party or PVP players will now be able to hear each other via QT
- Some items that were unable to be used due to bug is resolved
- Some items were not able to use due to location has also been solved
- Some Sealed items did show the Break through and Evolve conditions has also been resolved
- When max 灵气 has been achieved the system still shows that you are able to receive 灵气
- Certain bugs while crossing between maps and areas
- Resolve the display of the PVP notification during PVP loading screen
- No notification when players receive the gifts from the Cash Shop
- Solve an issue on the Frog
- A missing teleportation point near the Frog Map in Dragon Forest.

super thanks to aspenach for this useful information and allowing me to repost his blogs :D
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