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I made a QQ chat group so we can talk to each other conveniently para less hassle sa pag-open ng facebook or maghanap kung sino po ang matatanungan. Hope I can help you as long as kaya ko or alam ko gagawin, tulungan lang tayo. :)
Here's how to use this.

Step 1: Download QQ chat client: http://imqq.com/

Step 2: Install QQ Chat Client

Step 3: After install log in your QQ Account ID and Password (yung ginagamit niyo in-game)

Step 4: Search for our group (Follow the image bellow)

Step 5: Enter our QQ Group ID: 302919388 then search and join our group.

We can now talk to each other and you can ask help from us as long as we know we can help you. Pede rin iscreenshot or post niyo sa group chat ung quest na may problem kayo or stuck na. May useful feature itong qq chat in-game.

Useful features of QQ Chat In-Game.

Screencapture Tool
This is incredibly useful tool. You can find it on the menu bar in any chat window:

Clicking it will allow you to take a picture and paste it into the chat, like so. You can also press "Ctrl+ Alt + A" while you're in-game to take a picture and post it on our group chat.

A lot of features of QQ chat can be useful, just explore this application to know more about it. :)

This is a very useful tool when you're playing in-game and got problem with the quest or got stuck! Just Alt+tab to any QQ Chat and take a snapshot of what problem your are experiencing.

Mabuhay Pilipinas! :)


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