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New Christmas Events!
Event Duration : 18th of Dec to 14th Jan 2014

Event 1 : A Golden New Year And A Romantic Christmas (CLICK HERE)
Get enough "雪花朵朵" Blossomed Snow Flakes to exchange the following item. To get a Blossomed Snow Flake, you need to combine Snow Flakes you received from killing mobs using the "变换" option on your inventory tab. This is the same option where you use to combine cloths, jewels...etc to form a higher tier item. Once have the Blossomed Snow Flakes, click on the "飞龙工商" tab to redeem the respective items.

Event 2: Sign In Everyday and get 灵值 Soul Points (CLICK HERE)
Everyday when you signed in at this page, you will receive 1 Soul Points. Sign-in by clicking on the specific dates. (Don't forget to do it daily!) Accumulate up to 15 Soul Points to exchange for the presents below! Alternatively, you can use 1 Soul Point to participate in the Lucky Draw to win any of the selected items!

Event 3 : Bind Your Wechat for added security (CLICK HERE)
By binding your Wechat with your Blade and Soul QQ Account , you will automatically receives 5 Soul Points! First, use Wechat to scan the QR code and follow the steps to bind your account. Special Gifts can be redeemed when you bind your Wechat with your Blade and Soul QQ Account and accumulate 20 Soul Points. Please click on the links in Step 2 to redeem.

Event 4 : Level 45 Rewards! (CLICK HERE)
Reached level 45 during this period and receive the following gifts.

Event 5 : Christmas Sale! (CLICK HERE)
Receive additional gifts when you purchase a Christmas Costume Pack!
Receive additional items when you purchase a 神龙工商袋 this Christmas!

Event 6 : Accumulated Points Exclusive Costume! (CLICK HERE)
When a player spend cash points to buy in-game cash shop items, you will receive 积分POINTS. Now you can use those points to grab a limited edition costume! Click on the Accumulated Points Tab (the last tab of the Cash Shop) to access this package.

New Events for New Servers Only! (CLICK HERE)

2 Brand New servers, 电信洪福区 & 网通5区 will be added on the 18th of Dec!
Event 1 : Register an account and get Beginner Gift Packs!
Duration : 18th Dec - 31st Dec 2013
This Beginner Pack is exclusive to these two brand new servers to encourage players to migrate to there. Players can enter the in-game Cash Shop and purchase the Beginner Gift Packs at 0 cost.

Event 2 : Level with ease as we flood you will goodies
Event duration : 18th of Dec to 31st of Dec
Goodies Pack as per below:

Event 3 : 2x Free Daily Gift Pack For VIP Members (usually its only 1 Free Gift Pack)
Event Duration : 18th of Dec - 31st of Dec 2013

Event 4 : Leveling Gifts
For every 5 level gain, you will receive free gifts.
Example of Gifts

Event 5 : Free Gift Everyday
Players need to logged in to game daily to receive 1 Point and also roll a lucky die, accumulate points to participate in lucky draw!

Event 6 : Get your Safety Gift Pack
When you use your phone to enhance the security of your account. You will receive the following gifts. (once only)
Click on 如何防盗号 to understand how to do so.

super thanks to aspenach for this useful information and allowing me to repost his blogs :D


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