9:13 AM
Blade and Soul China opens a new event, you just need to use your smartphone to scan the qr code and voila, free Inventory Bags(x3), Costume(7 days) and Experience Boosters(x2).
Please follow the instructions carefully.

First go to the website link: Blade & Soul Event

1. Log-in your QQ Account.

2. Scan the QR code at the website and Install the QQ app on your smartphone.

2. Input your QQ Number and Password in the QQ Application

3. Input your Cellphone Number, You can use international numbers (better to use your real your number because it's 2nd step verification type for QQ).

Note: Use our Country Code first before entering your number. I add 63 because Philippines Country Code is +63. (Remove niyo yung number 0 sa una at ipalit niyo is 63 if from Philippines kayo)

Example: 639271112222

You can use the same number for multiple QQ accounts, and each QQ account will get the items.

4. Click this big red button to get your items:


  1. it says to select region and server and i don't know the English name of my region :-?

    1. i figured it out, you just choose each district and server until your character pops up.

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