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"Before anything else Windows 8.1 is currently not playable for Blade and Soul China, fix will be update soon sabi ng BnS China support, so better use Windows 8 or previous before installing blade and soul china." 

Before downloading the client, register first your QQ account. Click HERE

Once you have a QQ account, lets proceed to the download page. Click HERE
(Note: mas maganda kung Google Chrome ang gamit para may translate agad sa english)

After niyo madownload ung Client ng BnS, please follow this instruction to avoid errors in future when launching blade and soul launcher.


**Before you install the game, please change your system locale to "Chinese (Simplified PRC)" as it is required to install the game. Failure to do so might result in an error in installation. You need to remain in this system locale settings while playing Blade and Soul. 99% of the People encounter errors because they revert to their system locale after installation. Retaining this System Locale settings will not change your windows and browsers to Chinese. To switch between Chinese input and your default language input, press Ctrl and Shift **

Here's the image how to change your system locale to Chinese Simplified PRC. (For windows 7 and windows 8)

After you Install the game, you will see this BnS Launcher.

The following light indicators in each region are:

Green - Good
Yellow - Busy
Red - Full
Grey - Offline/Maintenance
Here are the Regions that are currently closed dahil full na ang capacity.
Region 1: 电信一区
Region 2: 电信二区
Region 3: 网通一区

Other regions are open but sooner I think magclosed din siguro dahil sa dami ng gusto pang maglaro. So far sa Region 6: 网通二区 and Server: 光复会 na ito naglalaro kami ng ibang pinoy currently we are 8 players in that region and server and may 1 singaporean. 
Soon may guild na kami kapag naopen na ung Red Faction dahil gusto namin red faction as of now kasi full pa ung faction kaya di kami makagawa pa ng guild.

Bago kayo maglaro check niyo muna ung ping nyo saan ang the best region na laruan niyo para di kayo magsisi sa huli dahil sa lag and disconnection. So ang peak hours ng china is specially afternoon and evening same time lang naman natin sila so best time to play sabi ng iba ay midnight or early morning pero kung maganda naman ang internet connection niyo lalo na kung sa bahay ka lang, no problem para sayo. 

Next guide will be Account Verification. Click HERE.

Kung may questions kayo just post here or comment pede din pm niyo ko.

Source: aspenachgaming.com
Credits: Aspenach - Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/Aspenach
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  1. Mga sir patulong naman po. Im running on windows 8 64-bit. Tapos ko na madowload ung game. Kaso nung papalitan ko na ung system locale ko to "Simplified PRC Chinese" Hindi ko makita.
    Ang meron lang, Chinese (Simplified,China) at Chinese (Simplified, Singapore). Any help?

  2. ok lng po ung Simplified China.. same lang sila.. ^^