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Born from humans but not one

The Jin are the symbol of knowledge and endeavor born from the essence of the black tortoise. They possess unlimited potential than any other race. They utilize their curiosity, persistent focus, and intellect and master many fields.

They are cheerful optimists but with extreme ups and downs. While happy they may suddenly feel timid or sad. Their distinguished abilities may cause jealousy from others but they wouldn't blame them and would often embark on a journey in search for someone who would accept them.

The Jin are the closest to what we perceive as normal. But don't let their appearance fool you. The Jin's spirit is far superior to that of the other races, and thus they are far from normal. The Jin have the capability to master anything they put their minds to and will stop at nothing to complete a task. Their determination is clearly without equal. This gives them great advantages when training in the combat arts of Kung-Fu and Blade Mastery. The Jin are very open-minded and strongly inclined to justice; thus, they spend their days assisting others, helping them deal with their hardships and miseries.

Available Classes
  The Jin can choose from 3 classes:
  Blade Master
  Kung-Fu Master

Source: http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Jin


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