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Lyn Blade Master is a new class introduced in November 7, 2012 patch exclusive to the Lyns. Although small, Lyns utilize swift precise movements to nimbly attack their opponents. This is another sword wielding class that utilize swords to deliver powerful melee attacks, summoned swords for defense and ranged attacks, and force choke to immobilize opponents. It is a well rounded class that can tank, dps, and support. They are relatively easy to level, thanks to their massive collection of AoE skills, and relatively easy to control.

Differences with normal Blade Masters

Although both classes use swords and share a few skills, they are very different.
  • Lyn Blade Masters have lower health, defense and block, but have higher crit and evasion.
  • Lyn Blade Masters have more AoE skills and skills with crowd control effects but overall damage is lower.
  • Lyn Blade Masters cannot use the skill "Block". They have to utilize the 0.5 second parry window of "Pinwheel" to nullify attacks.
  • Lyn Blade Masters can only shift to the quick draw stance using "Lightning Slash".
  • Conditions for using some skills are different.
  • Overall simpler mechanics.
  • Although weaker weapons are shared between the two classes, stronger swords (obtained in party dungeons) are separately labeled as "Lyn Blade".

Source Via: http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Lyn_Blade_Master


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