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This guide will help you much or more or less in game while looking for a party, buying items in auction house or to someone, command emotes, status effects and deleting or dropping or destroying items properly. But first you need to install your Chinese Keyboard so it will appear in Chinese when you enter it in-game.

Follow this instruction: How to Setup Chinese Keyboard on Windows 7/Vista

Just type the words in the Close Parenthesis that's in standard mandarin including the spaces.

Example: If you want to dance, type "/tiaowu" and press space so it will convert to simplified chinese

Command in Character Selection Screen
删除申请 = delete character (删=shan 除=chu 申=shen 请=qing)

Destroy or Drop Purple Items
马上销毁 = drop purple item of inventory (马=ma 上=shang 销=xiao 毁=hui)
马上分解 = break purple item in inventory (马=ma 上=shang 分=fen 解=jie)
成长祭品 = feeding leveled items (成=cheng 长=zhang 祭=ji 品=pin) (thanks Legitstatus)

剑士 = Blademaster (剑=jian 士=shi)
拳师 = KungFu Master (拳=quan 师=shi)
气功师 = Forcemaster (气=qi 功=gong 师=shi)
力士 = Destroyer (力=li 士=shi)
刺客 = Assassin (刺=ci 客=ke)
召唤师 = Summoner (召=zhao 唤=huan 师=shi)
灵剑士 = Lyn Blademaster (灵=ling 剑=jian 士=shi)

Commands on how to Emotes
Normally you can perform them by pressing f12. But some need a command!
/跳舞 = dance (跳=tiao 舞=wu)
/欢乐 = dance2 (欢=huan 乐=le)
/坐下 = sit (坐=zuo 下=xia)
/叩头 = kowtow/ritual kneeling (叩=kou 头=tou)

Useful Party Keywords
找党 = Looking for Party(找=zhao 党=dang)
邀请我参加你的派对 = Invite me to your Party (邀请=yaoqing 我=wo 参加=canjia 你的=nide 派对=paidui)

Good Keywords for Item or Your Character Status
攻击 = attack power (攻=gong 击=ji)
防御 = defense (防=fang 御=yu)
穿刺 = penetration (穿=chuan 刺=ci)
暴击 = crit (暴=bao 击=ji)
暴击伤害 = crit multiplier (暴=bao 击=ji 伤=shang 害=hai)
暴击防御 = crit resistance (暴=bao 击=ji 防=fang 御=yu)
生命 = life (生=sheng 命=ming)
闪避 = evasion (闪=shan 避=bi)
格挡 = block (格=ge 挡=dang)
命中 = accuracy (命=ming 中=zhong)
额外伤害 = additional damage (额=e 外=wai 伤=shang 害=hai)

Important words while in Auction House or Buying items
购买 = buy (购=gou 买=mai)
立即购买 = instant buy (立=li 即=ji 购=gou 买=mai)
竞拍 = bid (竞=jing 拍=pai)
出售 = offer sth. for sale (出=chu 售=shou)
一口价 = offer sth. as instantbuy (一=yi 口=kou 价=jia)
竞拍模式 = offer sth. as auction (竞=jing 拍=pai 模=mo 式=shi)

Status Effects and Duration
倒 = grounded/knocked down (倒=dao)
眩晕 = dizziness/stun (眩=xuan 晕=yun)
持续 = lasts for (持=chi 续=xu)
xx秒 = xx seconds (秒=miao)
xx分钟 = xx minutes (分=fen 钟=zhong)
xx小时 = xx hours (小=xiao 时=shi)
xx天 or 日 = xx days (depends on where it is used) (天=tian日=ri)

Good Keywords for Gems
三角 = triangle (三=san 角=jiao)
四角 = square (四=si 角=jiao)
五角 = pentagon (五=wu 角=jiao)
六角 = hexagon (六=liu 角=jiao)

金刚石 = diamond (金=jin 刚=gang 石=shi)
紫水晶 = amethyst (紫=zi 水=shui 晶=jing)
红玉 = ruby (红=hong 玉=yu)
黄玉 = topaz (黄=huang 玉=yu)
翡翠 = emerald (翡=fei 翠=cui)
青玉 = sapphire (青=qing 玉=yu)
绿柱石 = beryl (绿=lü 柱=zhu 石=shi)

If you know more Chinese Translations that will be useful in-game, kindly let me now or comment below so we can include here.

Credits: Sheru of BladeandSoulDojo
Source: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/14752-guidetypingstranslations-statsgemscommands-bns-cn/


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