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Here are some common problems and solutions while your are installing or playing the game. Just look for the same dialog or errors you get in the image below.

 Problem: Error while installing the game
Cause: Corrupted data files.
Solution: Just download the game again and try other download links.

Problem: Disconnected From the Server
Cause: Server problem or you lost your connection to the game
Solution: Try checking if you have still connected to the internet or maybe you forgot that, that day maintenance time. Also it could be the server goes emergency maintenance.

Problem: Disconnected after entering the game.
Cause: Error in your connection or you lost your connection while entering the game. Happens most likely to other players. Also check your internet connection if it is still connected.
Solution: Reconnecting to the game will fix this.

Problem: Launcher is too slow to load.
Cause: Slow internet connection or low ram memory maybe there are too many applications running in your system and it can't load quickly because of low memory.
Solution: Just wait and relax, it will load successfully. Try to remove or close other applications that are open or upgrade your internet connection you can also use third-party apps that could lower your ping to the server.

 Problem: Disconnected after entering the loading screen.
Cause: Server under Maintenance
Solution: Wait until the Server goes up, wait for announcement in other English forum sites that updates the server status 

Problem: Blade and Soul Client Crash
Cause: Your computer doesn't have enough RAM to run the client.
Solution: Upgrade your computer RAM, it will do the fix.

Problem: Launcher Text errors

Cause: Client doesn't recognized the language currently running in the system because the client is in Chinese.

Solution: Change your system locale to Chinese (Simplified PRC). Here's the how to change your System locale to Chinese Simplified PRC for Windows 7/Vista. Click HERE

Problem: Launcher doesn't recognized the directory game files installed
Cause: You install the client without changing your system locale to Chinese Simplified PRC. 
Solution: Try Re-installing the client again but make sure your system locale is in Chinese simplified when launching the game.

Problem: Dialog box appear when the character is selected and trying to enter the game
Cause: Too many players in-game, you are on queue or waiting list. The number in the upper part is your number you are in the waiting list.
Solution: Just wait it to count down and it will automatically log you in-game.

If you didn't see your error or your problems on those images, just comment your problems below. Thanks.


  1. Problem: Launcher doesn't recognized the directory game files installed

    i've got this but i re-instaled the game with CH , simplified PRC , and still got the same error , asking me for 3 Digits or whaterver it asks for.

  2. So after I successfully login and the game start to launch itself with the dragon statue but I noticed it loaded too long, possibly around 30-1hr. After around 30-1hr, the dragon statue remains on my screen but the icon on the task bar disappear and I'm not able to get into the game. Do you happen to have a solution for this? I also tried using TGP booster but still did not work ;(( help pls ><

  3. http://oi62.tinypic.com/2wqwkf8.jpg
    what to do

  4. Ive tried downloading it and re-downloading it at least 5 times now. same thing keeps popping up... "Update error: cannot download file. E02018 DP_G17_6_27/ffff...
    The farthest ive gotten in the download is 7% before it tells me the error. (the 7% took about 1-2hrs to get there) If you know why, thatd be awesome. i reeallly want to download this game.

  5. I've had a problem with getting onto the damn website itself. I put in my date of birth and it said that I didn't meet the requirement standards. Can anyone tell me why it says this?